21 September 2014

Egypt stamp with wrong picture of Suez Canal



Egypt issues stamps to mark new Suez Canal - but uses pictures of the Panama Canal instead

Egypt issues stamps to mark new Suez Canal - but uses pictures of Panama Canal

Here is an interesting new stamp issue from Egypt.

A set of three stamps were issued by Egypt Post  to mark the announcement of the New Suez Canal project. but however, instead of Suez Canal, mistakenly the image of Panama Canal was used. This mistake was noted only after a day of issue and these were withdrawn and a new set of three stamps were issued again after few days.

The stamps which were sold on first day and withdrawn now sells over multiple price than its face value.



The stamps feature images of a map of the Suez Canal, along with photographs of a waterway in a desert setting which do indeed appear to come from Egypt. However they also show another two lane waterway in a green, fertile landscape which bears an uncanny resemblance to the Panama Canal – the 48 mile Central American passage which links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Read More…

New stamp issue after the withdrawal of above stamps


: Kasinath R. - Tanjore

Club News


South Karnataka Regional Level Philately Exhibition will be held from 24 – 26 September 2014. A special cover will be released on 25th September 2014.

Venue : Auditorium Postal Training Centre, Nazarbad, Mysore



: Sreejesh Krishnan – Trivandrum

New Special Cover

On 13 September 2014 Tamil Nadu Postal Circle released a Special Cover on Asan Memorial Association, Chennai.

Asan Memorial Association, Chennai




20 September 2014

New Special Cover from Bangalore…




A Special cover - Women in Sanskrit Literature was released in Bangalore on 15th September by Karnataka Postal Circle with joint cooperation from Karnataka Sanskrit University .  The Cover    Approval No: KTK/19/2014, its function was organized at "Aksharam", 8th Cross, II Phase, Girinagar, Bangalore - 560 085 on 15.09.2014 at 10.00 A.M on the occasion of National Conference on "Role of Women as reflected in Sanskrit Literature". The total 6 frames were exhibited  on subject on Indian women and her role in various field scientific,literary,cultural tradition and Heritage. Dr Sumitra Arya was instrumental in the issuance of this cover and she also  designed the cover .



Dr Sumitra  Arya  and Mr M.R Prabhakar  who exhibited their collection on Indian women and her role in various fields.




Dr Sumitra

: Reported by Philatelist from Bangalore

My Stamp Series from Ahmedabad

New My Stamp series launched by India Post is now available at Ahmedbad GPO with 3 designs Taj Mahal , Greetings and Fairy Queen.






Courtesy -  Shrikant Parikh, Ahmedabad  http://setenantsofindia.blogspot.in/

19 September 2014

New stamps on Light Houses


image image

Iceland Post issued a set of  stamps on Lighthouses . This issue consists of two stamps that depict the most famous and old lighthouses of the country. The stamps were released and put into circulation on the 11th of September.

The Dyrhólaey lighthouse. The first lighthouse in Dyrhólaey was erected in 1910. This was a Swedish ironframe lighthouse, the first of its kind to be built in Iceland. In 1927 a concrete lighthouse was erected in the island. It is 12.7 m in height, 123 m above sea level and fitted with a Swedish cylindrical lantern, 4,7 m in height, with a catadioptric revolving lens, 1000 mm

in diameter, using gas lighting. The lighthouse was powered by a lighting machine in 1964. Architect Guðjón Samúelsson made the first design which was later modified.

The Akranes lighthouse. There are two lighthouses on Skipaskagi in Akranes. The older one is a concrete tower which was constructed in 1918. The more recent lighthouse was erected in 1943–1944 based on design by engineer Axel Sveinsson. It was taken into use in 1947. Gas lighting was used at first, the light being amplified by a 500 mm catadioptric lens.

In 1956 the lighthouse was powered by electricity. The Swedish lantern is 3,5 m in height. The Akranes lighthouse is a conical tower, 19,2 m in height and stands on a concrete octangular base.

Sturla Thordarson – Great Poet and Historian from Iceland


Date of issue : 11 September 2014

Iceland Post issued another commemorative stamp on 11th September to mark the 800th anniversary of its great writer – Sturla Thordarson. This talented person was also a chieftain, a poet and an historian.

The main sources on his life are to be found in the Saga of Icelanders which he himself composed. He was one of the most powerful men in Iceland and witnessed many of the dramatic events that he later described. Sturla was the nephew of Snorri Sturluson.

After Snorri’s execution in 1241 Sturla became the one of the most influential leaders of the Sturlungs who sought his advice and support. His power base was mainly around Breiðafjörður in the west. Sturla wrote about the two main battles in the Age of the Sturlungar: the battle of Örlygsstaðir 1238, in which he himself participated, and the burning of Flugumýri in 1253.

His accounts of these events are among the most terrifying and dramatic composed in the 13th century. Sturla excels in describing characters, battle scenes and dreams and prophecies predicting major events. Sturla is reputed to have written the saga of Grettir the Strong and other sagas. The stamp motif is the Saga of Hákon King of Norway which Sturla wrote, a stylized Viking helmet and a quill point.

18 September 2014

New stamps on Costumes…


Cantonese Opera Costumes


Date of Issue : 21 August 2014



Hongkong Post   issued a set of special stamps entitled "Cantonese Opera Costumes" on 21st August 2014. It’s a beautiful and very colorful issue with a magnificent sheetlet. These stamps could be included in Theatre, costumes and Performing arts themes.


Cantonese opera is a major theatre genre in southern China and a highly valued traditional performing art in Hong Kong. With a live orchestra and special theatrical costumes, Cantonese opera is an art form involving many skills such as singing, acting, narration and martial arts.


Cantonese opera costumes come in a wide variety of styles and correspond to the identity and social status of the different roles performed on the stage. Hongkong Post is issuing a set of special stamps entitled "Cantonese Opera Costumes" and presenting seven distinctive costumes, namely the great Han costume, a gown with a sloping collar, a dress for young ladies, a military uniform for soldiers, a python ceremonial robe, a gown with a vertical collar and grand armour. The stamps feature intricate illustrations of Cantonese opera costumes modelled on real ones worn in live performances.


The performers on the $10 stamp sheetlet are dressed in grand armour, playing the marshals of "The Joint Investiture" and projecting a heroic, gallant and formidable demeanour.

Club News

Berpex-2014, District Level Philatelic Exhibition, Berhampore, West Bengal
5th - 7th September 2014

Heritage Post Office, Berhampore


Murshidabad Silk


Berpex-2014, District Level Philatelic Exhibition was organised by Murshidabad Postal Division at St. John Ambulance Hall, Berhampore (West Bengal) from 5th to 7th September 2014. 40 Frames were on dispay at the exhibition. During the exhibition two Special Covers were released. One on Heritage Post Office of Berhampore and second on Murshidabad Silk.

For Covers, kindly contact : Mr SK Biswas : ph 9434400099

Thanks to Mr Subhabrata Basu of Murshidabad ( West Bengal) for the special covers issued during BERPEX 2014.

17 September 2014

400th death anniversary of “El Greco”



Hellenic Post (ELTA) introduced collectible stamps edition to mark the 400th anniversary of the death of Domenicus Theotokopoulos, the master painter of the Spanish Renaissance who was also known as “El Greco”.

The El Greco stamps and various associated products are on sale at post offices starting Wednesday, depicting details from El Greco’s painting “The Burial of Christ” – a painting acquired by the National Gallery of Athens.

Characters from Andersen’s fairy tales on new danish stamps


Date of Issue : 30 August 2014

Denmark Post issued two stamps from the series featuring contemporary interpretations of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales.  This issue was released on the 30th of August.

In 1855, H.C. Andersen published his fairy-tale Numskull Jack. The seemingly naïve and put upon hero is a figure familiar from popular fairy tales all over the world, often the youngest of three brothers. Confounding all expectations, however, he succeeds in besting his two older and more knowledgeable brothers in the battle to win the hand of the princess – largely on account of the strange and seemingly useless objects he gathers up from the road. Numskull Jack and the dead crow feature on the DKK 6.50 stamp.

The fairy tale about Thumbelina was published in 1835, the same year that Hans Christian Andersen published his first collection of fairy-tales. In the story, Hans Christian Andersen imparts the feeling of being different to the little girl, who arrives in the world in the middle of a beautiful tulip. When she is subsequently carried away by the toad and exiled on a lilly pad, she faces having to acquiesce to the toad’s desire for her to marry his son.

On her long journey, she encounters a host of well-meaning characters who all believe they have her best interests at heart, but nobody really understands how Thumbelina feels. It is not until she flees from her upcoming marriage of convenience to a mole that she begins to tap into her own resources. The hideous toad with Thumbelina in his arms is the motif on the DKK 9.00 stamp.

Club News

Karnataka Postal Circle issued a Special Cover to mark 100 years of Kannada Sahitya Parishat at Sattur, Dharwad on 17th August 2014. (Special Cover approval no. KTK/15/2014)


Kannada Saahithya Parishath is one of Karnataka's oldest cultural institutions. It was formed on May 3, 1915 to promote Kannada language and literature through book publishing, literary seminars and research projects. It also organises an annual conference on Kannada literature called Kannada Sahithya Sammelana. The centenary celebrations of the Kannada Sahitya Parishat were inaugurated at Dharwad on 17th August 2014 by Minister of State for Kannada and Culture Umashri.

Courtesy : Sreejesh Krishnan – Trivandrum ; Indian Philately Digest


Assam Postal Circle is organizing a state level philatelic exhibition,ASSAMPEX - 2014 on 1st and 2nd November’ 2014 at Guwahati.

Venue: Don Bosco Auditorium, Panbazar, Guwahati - 781001
Date of Exhibition: 01-11-2014 & 02-11-2014

: Sreejesh Krishnan - Trivandrum

New stamps from Brazil



Date of Issue : 27 September 2014

Brazil Post is to issue a set of two stamps recognizing the importance of the Kalungas. The Brazilian Post pays homage to the main cultural aspects of the community, as well as the municipality of Cavalcante, known for its natural beauty and tourist importance. The issue is to be released on the 27th of September.

The first stamp focuses on the Waterfall of Santa Barbara, ecological/tourist spot of the region of Cavalcante, and the second – on a group representing the Kalunga community. The couple is dancing to Sussa, a traditional dance born from African traditions. In the middle, a man is playing the viola and, next to him, an elderly woman embraces a child.

The scene is surrounded by flowers that adorn the waterfall and the community, representing the local culture, where feasts, colors and flowers have a social role of fraternization, joy and traditions conservation. The technique used was computer graphics and photography.


The gold of Jalapao



Date of Issue : 12 September 2014


Brazil Post issued a new series of stamps dedicated to the golden grass. Its main characteristics are durability, its unique beauty color, which resembles gold, and its smooth and soft texture. Its straw is used in the manufacture of handmade products, such as bracelets, earrings, key chains, bags, belts, parts of decoration, among others products. The issue was released and put into circulation on the 12th of September.

The first stamp allusive to the issue Golden grass – The gold of Jalapao shows the Map of the State of Tocantins, in which the region of the Jalapao is highlighted. The thatch of the grass around the Map symbolizes the abundance of this raw material. In the second stamp, a woman, wearing a handkerchief on her head, at the harvesting, references the cautious way in which this activity is carried out.

The third stamp is in skillful hands making a table mat, showing the golden grass handicraft. The fourth stamp presents, at the bottom, the Brazilian flag, indicating the golden grass is a natural Brazilian wealth, with potential to produce beautiful high standard crafts, which, in addition to contributing to the economic development of the State, also reinforce the creativity of the Brazilians.

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